Rio en Medio

Option A

Located in Tesuque, NM Rio en Medio is one of my favorite local hikes. This unique, riparian area is home to a diverse spectrum of flora and fauna. A well maintained trail closely follows a beautiful clear stream. After a couple miles of moderately easy hiking we will arrive at breathtaking 15-20 foot high waterfall. This is a place of true inspiration. We will hike back the same way we hiked in. Total hiking distance will be approximately 4 and a half miles. Round trip trail time with stops should be around 3 hours. Door to door from Santa Fe approximately 4 hours. This would be a great day hike for kids.

Option B

For a more in depth hike and exploration of the canyon we will hike beyond the first waterfall and explore the upper canyon. Here the canyon closes in and becomes more dramatic, and has a much wilder feel. Rock spires appear in abundance and several more waterfalls with deep pools await. This trail eventually leads all the way up to the ski basin so one could easily spend an entire day in this wild and scenic canyon. For someone seeking even more solitude a series of lush meadows are reachable as well.

Option C

For the true adventurer. This is a 13 mile long lollypop loop that cuts through the foothills of the Santa Fe National forest and borders the Pecos Wilderness. During which we will encounter three creeks; Rio capulin, Rio nambe, and Rio en medio. Trip A and B are included in this hike. Portions of this hike will be in an area that was impacted by the Pacheco canyon fire of 2011. We will see the impacts of erosion and trek through mixed terrain. This is one of the more wild treks we offer. Suggested May through October with the shoulder seasons being most appropriate. We will need a full day for this outing.

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