johnfroehlich June 21, 2018 0

Rod M.

As a former airborne infantry soldier, I never pictured using a guide to explore the wilderness, but a mountaineer I am not. Having John Froelich as a close friend, already knowing his incredible wealth of knowledge, I was delighted to join him several years ago on a trek through the lofty San Juan Mountains. It was my first trip into such altitudes, though my home is only 3 hours away. He planned a route to Upper Ice Lake Basin, gave me specific packing lists and options for gear and took exceptional care to make sure I spent the next few days exploring the most beautiful place i have ever laid eyes on (and I grew up in the Bahamas… so that’s saying something). To this day, Ice Lake Basin in full summer bloom, surrounded by waterfalls, is my happy place. I owe it to John, I would put my life in his capable hands over again to witness such majesty. Can’t thank you enough Johnny!