[D006] Cave Creek

Cave creek is a 5 mile out and back hike deep in the heart of the remote Pecos Wilderness. Accessing this area requires an hour or so drive from Santa Fe. Along the way we will follow the wild and scenic Pecos River to a series of tributaries that make up the river system. Honestly, the drive alone is worth the trip. From the Panchuela trailhead we will trek through an incredible sub-alpine landscape on the way to a small and unique cave system supported by a cool mountain stream. This area typically receives a lot of moisture, providing the Summer months with an abundance of flora and fauna. It is a mountain paradise. Most who visit will connect deeply to the areas serenity. Crystal clear streams, inviting meadows, solitude, and the chance of seeing Rocky Mountain Elk make this a wonderful trip. For those seeking a full day of adventure at a leisurely pace Cave Creek is a wonderful option. Elevations for this hike will range between 8500 and 9000 feet.

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